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  • Walk to Run 5K Training

    Walk to Run 5K Training 

    Race Day:

    August 22, 2023

    This is geared for those who want to run a 5k. If you have never run before, or you do run and want to complete a 5K, we can help you get to the starting line and the finish line.

    This is a ten-week training plan, culminating with the Battle of Stonington 5K on Tuesday, August 23. 

    Perks: $5 off registering for the Battle of Stonington 5k & instore discounts on shoes, socks and apparel.

    Get EXCITED and get yourself ready for a late summer 5k in beautiful Stonington, CT. Spend some time with your running buds or meet someone new, this training program will get you ready to run your first 5k and beyond. Join us Monday evenings 6:15pm at Kelley’s pace for 30-40 minutes of training and preparation for a great event.

    Location: Kelley's Pace (27 Coogan Blvd #15cMystic, CT US 06355)

    Register Here 

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