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    Meet the Owner, Jeff Anderson

    I am a late in life runner, ran my first Marathon at age 49, and never looked back.I loved running so much I decided to purchase Kelleys Pace.My vision has always been to create a community running store, where local runners can feel welcome and at home, while being accessible to all.It is my desire for Kelleys Pace to be peoples happy place.My family can attest that before the store, it was a big day when dad bought a new pair of running shoes.With four growing kids, a new pair of shoes was a big purchase.Today I run in a few different shoes, and it is hard to pick one favorite, unlike ice cream where Chocolate is my favorite.

    Meet Kevin Hoyt, Our Manager

    I try and stay as active as I can by running, biking,and hiking. I enjoy Mystic because I enjoy the mix of being by the water and being in the woods in the same run or ride. My favorite shoe is the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2. My hometown is Newtown, CT. I enjoy working at Kelley's Pace since it has a strong connection to the community and a long history in the community. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate lace and hot fudge.


    Meet Jamie Lavallie

    I love to be outside, whether it's running, hiking, walking, or kayaking. Running in downtown Mystic on a Saturday morning is what I crave all week. The community and togetherness is like nowhere else. I am a huge fan of Altras. I've been running in the Riveras and Lone Peaks and have not had any foot pain since I switched! I am from Griswold, CT. I joined the Army in 2014 and became a nurse. When I moved back, I wanted to live on the Coast Line and I am so glad that I do! I work at Kelley's Pace so I can help others in their fitness journey or help them find more comfort in everyday walking around. My favorite ice cream is coffee with chocolate chunks!

    Meet John Cannella

    I love to run; the scenery around Mystic is second to none and provides some exceptional running routes.
    My favorite shoe is the On Cloudmonster. My hometown is Stonington, CT. A fun fact about me is that I hold the 3k steeplechase record at Stonington High School (Im the only one whos run it). I work at Kelleys Pace because I love learning about running shoes and using what I learn to be able to fit people with the shoes that are right for them. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough.


    Meet Denise Desrtochers

    I love to stay active. I run, swim, road cycle, do yoga, climb, and hike. My distance running career started with my freshman year of high school with cross country and indoor and outdoor track. Since then, I have run 11 marathons, one 50-mile ultra, and several halfs, 10ks and 5ks. My next fitness goal is to complete a half Iron-(wo)man. I love to come down to Mystic to see the shops, the historic downtown, and the ocean. I come from Saco, Maine where I grew up, but a fun fact about me is that I lived in Naples Italy for 11 years, and have run the Rome Marathon twice. My favorite ice cream flavor is anything peanut butter cup, and my favorite shoe is any brand that will get me through a long run.

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